Clinical Outcomes Tracking

Improving Results for Patients, Payers, and Providers

Every facility wants to be on the cutting edge of treatment and provide the best care to their patients. Now and in the future, tracking patient outcomes will play a significant role in a provider’s ability to continuously improve care. In fact, research shows that the simple act of tracking outcomes alone has been shown to improve patient care.

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Facilities committed to improving patient care and insurance payers have both recognized the importance of such outcomes tracking. While all of our goals are to improve patients lives, when it comes to implementing outcomes tracking, this is easier said than done:

  • How do you know what outcomes to measure?
  • What kind of assessments are psychometrically validated and can be used to compare across patient populations?
  • How do clinicians translate measurement into actionable elements of a patient’s treatment plan?
  • How does facility leadership use outcomes tracking to improve their program overall?

As a leading provider of integrated outcomes tracking with over 60,000 patients on its platform, Trac9 is at the forefront of the movement to make outcomes tracking standardized, accessible, and actionable.

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