Enhancing Treatment Effectiveness & Clinical Outcomes

A Standardized Assessment Battery for Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Provides Evidentiary Support for Clinical Monitoring, Outcomes, Supervision and Success Forecasting.

Our mission is to provide gold-standard assessments and custom predictive analytics to improve the efficacy of treatment.

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Improved Outcomes Through Feedback-Informed Clinical Care
The Business of Addiction Treatment

Our Platform:

Reduces Client AMA by Over 30%

Clients leaving against medical advice (AMA) presents one of the biggest challenges to providers as it creates significant financial loss and extreme risk for relapse. Trac9 Informatics deploys its proprietary predictive algorithm to identify clients most likely to seek early discharge. Upon early detection, the system notifies the clinical staff for immediate intervention.

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Standardized Science-Based Assessments for Clinical Success

A total of 9 gold standard instruments monitor client progress weekly by measuring individual factors associated with sustained recovery, clinical symptoms, and relapse. With built-in national norms displayed, effectiveness can be documented and programming can be optimized for successful outcomes.

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Data-Driven Clinical Case Assignment

Individualized case assignment is vital to improving clinical efficacy and client outcomes. Trac9 Informatics provides data to make informed decisions based on clinician strengths and client needs. Achieving the desired outcomes is more attainable when clinicians and clients are matched effectively.

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Individual clinical assessments administered to sharpen the predictive algorithm



Facility locations across the country committed to improving outcomes supported by science



Real-time reductions in current facility AMA’s

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Factors Assessed:

Trac9 Informatics monitors client progress through nine individual factors associated with sustained, long-term recovery. The assessments include both pathology and resilience factors.


Commitment to Sobriety

Successful sobriety involves more than just the desire not to drink or use--it also involves hard work.

Commitment to Sobriety

Assesses an individual’s intention, desire, and motivation to abstain from alcohol and drugs in the future.



Spirituality can be complex and fluid, but it plays a huge role in the recovery process.


Measures recent religious and spiritual actions and practices.



Assesses individual differences in generalized optimism versus pessimism.


Optimism supports recovery through the powerful perspective of knowing what you’re capable of.


Quality of Life

Sobriety impacts the overall wellness in all aspects of one’s physical, mental and social life.

Quality of Life

Assesses life satisfaction and quality since entering into recovery.



“Am I depressed because I rely upon substances, or do I rely upon substances because I’m depressed?”


Symptoms associated with depression, such as restless sleep, poor appetite, and feeling lonely.



Anxiety is the reaction to stressful, dangerous, or unfamiliar situations that can interfere with leading an everyday functioning life.


Assesses the generality, excessiveness, and uncontrollability dimensions of pathological worry.


Verbal Craving

Verbal craving is the verbal manifestation of intense feelings of wanting to drink or use.

Verbal Craving

Craving urges assessed specific to drug of choice through self-report.


Visual Craving

Visual cues can have a powerful ability to stimulate intense feelings of want.

Visual Craving

Craving reaction level assessed when viewing cues of the drug of choice.



Stress is a key risk factor in addiction initiation, relapse, and maintenance of recovery.


Measures the degree to which situations in one's life are appraised as stressful.

Comprehensive Assessments

Not only does Trac9 Informatics assess clinical symptoms, it monitors protective resilience factors. Measuring variables that best predict long-term, sustained recovery allows providers to track improvement, optimize individual treatment plans and evaluate program efficacy.

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