Who We Serve

Covering the Continuum of Care

Trac9 Informatics is a highly scalable platform built to serve the needs of clinical care providers of any size across the entire continuum of care.



Our platform serves the needs of a growing number of residential treatment centers, including detox and step-down levels of care.



Our platform is utilized by Intensive Outpatient Programs across the country.



Our platform is highly effective for programs utilizing Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT).


Private Practice

We serve various healthcare professionals in private practice who specialize in the addiction and mental health field.

Substance Use Disorders

The Trac9 Informatics platform supports programs and facilities designated as either Mental Health or Substance Use Disorders.

Demographic Diversity

Trac9 Informatics is ideally suited for any sociodemographic population of service, including the general population and specialty populations such as military, first-responder, adolescent, emerging adult, professional, LGBTQ, among others.

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Optimizing Care

Trac9 Informatics monitors critical client variables and actively alerts abnormalities in treatment progress. Statistical algorithms which monitor treatment failure potential are custom built for each program. These algorithms are continuously evolving to account for population and programmatic changes.

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Levels of Care

Trac9 Informatics can be utilized throughout all levels of care including detox, residential, PHP, IOP, and sober living. Trac9 Informatics also works well with a telemedicine environment as well as with specialty programs such as MAT or dual diagnosis.

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