Who We Are:

Trac9 Informatics integrates gold-standard clinical assessments and proprietary data analytics to deliver insights and predictive outcomes that improve clinical efficacy. The team at Trac9 Informatics is committed to improving the lives and clinical outcomes for those in treatment for mental health and substance use disorders through evidence-based science.

Assists with Accreditation Requirements

The Joint Commission:

Assists with requirements under standard CTS.03.01.09
  • Trac9 monitors an individual’s treatment progress using standardized assessments.
  • Trac9 collects, scores, and displays results automatically.
  • Trac9 provides the means to evaluate outcomes of care for your clients.


CARF Accreditation:

Assists with requirements under the 2018 Behavioral Health Standards – Section M.2, M.4-5
  • All instruments used in Trac9 are reliable, valid, comprehensive, and accurate.
  • Provides a wide variety of data on substance use disorder populations served.
  • Assess both pathology and resilience factors.


Core Features of Trac9

Transcend beyond just outcomes. Trac9 Informatics incorporates sophisticated symptom tracking, program optimization tools, and predictive analytics to improve facility specific client outcomes and clinician efficacy.


Clinical Monitoring

Monitor client symptoms in real-time with automatic scoring and graphing.


Facility-Level Supervision

Monitor multiple facilities in real-time. Identify targeted areas of growth before problems occur.


AMA Predictive Analytics

Predictive statistics identify clients at high risk of treatment failure based on a response pattern to the first assessment.


Clinical Supervision

Monitor average clinician results for patient outcomes in real-time. Identify unique strengths in staff.


Outcomes Data

Outcome assessments collected one time per month, for 12 months, after treatment. Data is collected anonymously to ensure honesty.


Powered by Science

Trac9 Informatics utilizes gold standard assessments that have been scientifically shown to be associated with sustained, long-term recovery.

Measures Resilience and Pathology Factors

As the addiction treatment field moves more towards data-driven outcomes, Trac9 Informatics measures combined resilience and pathology factors. Assessing variables associated with successful recovery enables Trac9 Informatics to provide insight into client progress during treatment and optimization of treatment programs. Trac9 Informatics also uses facility specific predictive analytics to help reduce the number of AMAs and increase positive treatment outcomes.

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9 Individual Factors Measured using Gold Standard Assessments

Monitor client progress with factors scientifically proven to be associated with long term recovery. Assessing a combination of resilience and pathology factors offers an in-depth perspective on client growth during the treatment continuum. Analyzing the unique profile of factors per client, and how they are changing over time, enhances treatment effectiveness and optimizes individual care.

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Enhancing Outcomes with Data

Trac9 Informatics provides visibility at every level. With personalized data, clinicians, administrators, and executives can make better choices to improve client success. Trac9 Informatics also keeps you connected with former patients, providing monthly outcome assessments for a year. Standardized data offers greater accountability for clients and treatment centers alike. With success metrics and potential pitfalls at your fingertips, you can be more proactive for greater success throughout the client care continuum.

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Our Leadership:

Encompassing decades of academic, clinical, and policy excellence, our leadership team, shares a passionate commitment to improving the lives of those in need of addiction and mental health treatment as well as the providers that serve them.

Kitty Harris, Ph.D.


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Jared P. Dempsey, Ph.D.

Executive Director

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Sarah Wilson

Technology Operations Officer

Kadyn Short


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“Trac9 Informatics is the only system that allows us to scientifically validate the results of our individualized clinical care and truly set ourselves apart.”

— Tara Treatment Center