Our Leadership

Encompassing decades of academic, clinical, and policy excellence, our leadership team shares a passionate commitment to improving the lives of those in need of addiction and mental health treatment, as well as the providers that serve them.

Kevin Jones

Managing Director

Kevin is the Managing Director with overall responsibility for leading Trac9. He has been with Trac9 since 2017 as the technology and engineering lead. Kevin has over 35 years of business and technology leadership experience. He was previously a partner in Accenture, a global technology consulting firm. He was then a GP in a private equity firm and early stage investment partnerships focused on innovative technology companies. He currently serves on the Board of HealthPrize Technologies, a software company that improves medication adherence and reduces total cost of care. He is the Founder and CEO of Ambio Health, the developer of an FDA cleared Remote Patient Monitoring product and the core technology behind Trac9. He serves on the Board of the Family Resource Network, a 501(c)(3) that provides a variety of services to families with Epilepsy or Autism. He is also a member of the Society for Evidence-Based Treatment, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to incorporating science-based treatment strategies and standards to improve outcomes for individuals, families, and communities. Kevin graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering.

Leah C. Dempsey

Director of Marketing

Leah is the Director of Marketing at Trac9 Informatics. She is dedicated to enhancing the visibility and understanding of effectiveness and clinical outcomes, ensuring these concepts resonate with industry professionals and the broader public. With a track record of success in dynamic environments, she has honed her skills in efficiency, rapid decision-making, and creative innovation. Leah’s vision and expertise play a pivotal role in positioning Trac9 Informatics as a leader in advancing clinical outcomes in Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health.

Hunter H. Williams

Executive Account Manager

Hunter is the Executive Account Manager at Trac9 Informatics and is responsible for growing our company. He has served in the treatment industry for many years in different capacities and has a heart to make a difference in the field. “I fully believe in Trac9 and am excited to expand our footprint as well as to educate programs on Trac9 and how much of a difference it truly makes if implemented successfully!” Hunter believes Trac9 will become an industry leader and a standard of excellence for treatment facilities to pursue. “When you really start to breakdown all of Trac9’s functions and capabilities, including it’s capacity to create an ROI for it’s customers, it really is a must have and not a nice to have.”

Brittany Jones

Technology Operations Specialist

Brittany Jones is a highly skilled Technology Operations Specialist at Trac9 Informatics, where her expertise lies at the intersection of technology, customer service, and financial management. With a keen eye for detail, she excels in generating comprehensive reports that guide strategic decisions and streamline operations. Brittany’s dedication to customer satisfaction and her ability to assist both customers and staff have earned her a reputation as a reliable problem solver within the organization.

Jared P. Dempsey, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Jared P. Dempsey, Ph.D. serves as Chief Scientist at Trac9 Informatics. Dr. Dempsey is actively involved in neurological and physiological research in addiction. Recent publications include preliminary evidence for a biological marker of addiction recovery, non-conscious emotional response to drug stimuli, and the influence of social anxiety on addiction treatment. Dr. Dempsey has also served as an expert reviewer for the Journal of Motivation and Emotion, Psychopharmacology, Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, American Journal on Addictions, Addiction, Psychiatry Research, European Psychiatry, Nicotine and Tobacco Research, and the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. Dr. Dempsey was also actively involved in the development of a comprehensive symptom tracking and outcome data collection tool for addiction treatment, TRAC9.

Sarah Wilson

IT Manager

Sarah is the IT Manager at Trac9 Informatics and is actively involved in product development. Sarah also assists with algorithm modeling and oversees notification of facilities for high-risk clients.

Clayton Tramel

IT Supervisor

Clayton Tramel, the IT Supervisor at Trac9 Informatics, actively manages client communication and support operations. With exceptional technical expertise, he troubleshoots system issues and facilitates user training nationwide. Clayton’s collaborative approach streamlines error resolution with customers. His versatile skills and strong work ethic drive success across Trac9’s technical endeavors.

Minnie Johnson

Administrative Assistant

Minnie Johnson wears many hats at Trac9 Informatics, excelling as both the lead in administrative affairs, a friendly receptionist, and the Executive Assistant to Dr. Dempsey. Her dedication to excellence and genuine care for others make her an invaluable asset to the company, enriching the workplace with her warmth and compassion.

Assists with Accreditation Requirements

The Joint Commission

Assists with requirements under standard CTS.03.01.09

Trac9 monitors an individual’s treatment progress using standardized assessments.

Trac9 collects, scores, and displays results automatically.

Trac9 provides the means to evaluate outcomes of care for your clients.

CARF Accreditation

Assists with requirements under the 2018 Behavioral Health Standards – Section M.2, M.4-5

All instruments used in Trac9 are reliable, valid, comprehensive, and accurate.

Provides a wide variety of data on substance use disorder populations served.

Assess both pathology and resilience factors.

Core Features of Trac9

Transcend beyond just outcomes. Trac9 Informatics incorporates sophisticated symptom tracking, program optimization tools, and predictive analytics to improve facility specific client outcomes and clinician efficacy.

Clinical Monitoring

Monitor client symptoms in real-time with automatic scoring and graphing.

Facility-Level Supervision

Monitor multiple facilities in real-time. Identify targeted areas of growth before problems occur.

AMA Predictive Analytics

Predictive statistics identify clients at high risk of treatment failure based on a response pattern to the first assessment.

Clinical Supervision

Monitor average clinician results for patient outcomes in real-time. Identify unique strengths in staff.

Outcomes Data

Outcome assessments collected one time per month, for 12 months, after treatment. Data is collected anonymously to ensure honesty.

Powered by Science

Trac9 Informatics utilizes gold standard assessments that have been scientifically shown to be associated with sustained, long-term recovery.

Advanced Clinical Interpretations

ACIs, or Advanced Clinical Interpretations, are meetings held with one of the doctors on staff, who will do a blind interpretation using the data in Trac9 to show how effective it can be at diagnosing clients. These training’s can help show clinicians how to use the data in their client’s treatment plan.

Other services we offer include but are not limited to:

Program Optimization*

Concierge-level Service

Custom Reporting

Joint Commission

* A meeting between our chief scientist and facility supervisors to go over areas where the facility may be struggling, in order to be offered ways to improve the scores.

Our test services:

Comprehensive Assessments

Facility and clinical data

Alerts for AMAs

Client Satisfaction Surveys

Reports to compare your data to national average 

Follow-Up Surveys

Measures Resilience and Pathology Factors

As the addiction treatment field moves more towards data-driven outcomes, Trac9 Informatics measures combined resilience and pathology factors. Assessing variables associated with successful recovery enables Trac9 Informatics to provide insight into client progress during treatment and optimization of treatment programs. Trac9 Informatics also uses facility specific predictive analytics to help reduce the number of AMAs and increase positive treatment outcomes.

9 Individual Factors Measured using Gold Standard Assessments

Monitor client progress with factors scientifically proven to be associated with long term recovery. Assessing a combination of resilience and pathology factors offers an in-depth perspective on client growth during the treatment continuum. Analyzing the unique profile of factors per client, and how they are changing over time, enhances treatment effectiveness and optimizes individual care.

Enhancing Outcomes with Data

Trac9 Informatics provides visibility at every level. With personalized data, clinicians, administrators, and executives can make better choices to improve client success. Trac9 Informatics also keeps you connected with former patients, providing monthly outcome assessments for a year. Standardized data offers greater accountability for clients and treatment centers alike. With success metrics and potential pitfalls at your fingertips, you can be more proactive for greater success throughout the client care continuum.

“Trac 9 gives our clients a ‘voice’ for things they don’t have the ability or willingness to say to the clinical team.  It gives clinical a solid visual to explain the clients’ progress and challenges to them.  And mostly it’s another piece of support that we can send them out of the door with that keeps them connected to us.  I know we’ve gotten some clients reconnected with admissions/back in treatment through Trac 9 results.”  CEO, English Mountain Recovery

English Mountain Recovery

“Trac9 provides guidance using true data to assess a client’s response to treatment. Trac9 aides therapeutic discussions about progress and areas of change to tap into discussions that may not have occurred without these weekly assessments and data.”  CEO, St. Joseph’s Institute for Addiction. 

St. Joseph’s Institute for Addiction


“I love the insight we get following the first survey. We’re able to use the data to ensure we’re pairing clients with the therapist best suited to support their needs. We know which therapists are most effective in treating each area measured. If a client struggles with anxiety, we know what therapist is the best fit based on that therapist’s track record treating other clients’ anxiety. The data truly allows us to make informed decisions about best care strategies for each individual client.” CEO, Twin Lakes Recovery Center

Twin Lakes Recovery Center


“Trac9 is an invaluable tool to specifically target and individualize treatment plans. It gives us the ability to capitalize on strengths and target specific interventions to improve key relapse indicators such as depression, stress, and anxiety.” CEO, Willingway Recovery Center

Willingway Recovery Center


“TRAC9 is an exceptional tool for our clinical care team. TRAC9 data and analytics provide insight into underlying issues clients do not reveal weeks or months into normal therapeutic alliance processes. Accuracy with predicting behaviors and emerging diagnosis’s is stunning.  The program quality assessments generate solid actionable areas of improvement. Our outcomes have increased significantly utilizing TRAC9 personalized program support. I trust TRAC9 analytics, you should as well.”  CEO Bel Aire Recovery Center 

Bel Aire Recovery Center 

“Trac9 Informatics is the only system that allows us to scientifically validate the results of our individualized clinical care and truly set ourselves apart.”

Tara Treatment Center

“We are so excited to congratulate Kellie on receiving an award from Trac9 naming her one of the top three addiction therapists in the nation! Tara Treatment Center utilizes Trac9 Informatics, a standardized assessment battery for substance use disorders, to monitor our clients’ progress during treatment. Trac9 uses the Global Recovery Score (GRS) to collect an aggregate score of all nine standardized instruments used in the Trac9 battery.”

Tara Treatment Center

“In the field of psychology, we know a lot about top-down approaches to treating depression and anxiety. So things like psychodynamic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy… It’s very helpful to have the Trac9 results. For a lot of us, we get really good at hiding anxiety and depression… so it definitely helps us to identify someone when someone’s struggling with that.”

Tara Treatment Center