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Clients complete a weekly comprehensive battery of assessments which include variables associated with sustained long-term sobriety. The proprietary Trac9 Informatics algorithm uses these variables, demographics, factors, and risk ratios to predict risk of failure for each client. Trac9 Informatics closely monitors these critical factors throughout the course of treatment, allowing for care to be tailored specifically to each client.

Measurement of Pathology Factors

Trac9 Informatics monitors clinical symptoms closely to ensure appropriate reduction in pathology over the course of treatment. This goes far beyond symptoms of craving. Trac9 Informatics measures anxiety, depression, stress, verbal craving and visual cue reactivity of craving.

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Measurement of Resilience Factors

The vast majority of outcomes systems only assess pathology. This provides only half of the picture. Resilience factors are just as critical to monitoring client progress. The Trac9 Informatics battery monitors commitment to sobriety, optimism, spirituality, and quality of life in addiction recovery – known protective factors in the recovery process.

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Factors Assessed:

Trac9 monitors client progress through nine individual factors associated with sustained, long-term recovery. The assessments include both pathology and resilience factors.


Commitment to Sobriety

Assesses an individual’s intention, desire, and motivation to abstain from alcohol and drugs in the future.



Measures recent religious and spiritual actions and practices.



Assesses individual differences in generalized optimism versus pessimism.


Quality of Life

Assesses life satisfaction and quality since entering into recovery.



Symptoms associated with depression, such as restless sleep, poor appetite, and feeling lonely.


Verbal Craving

Craving urges assessed specific to drug of choice through self-report.



Assesses the generality, excessiveness, and uncontrollability dimensions of pathological worry.


Visual Craving

Craving reaction level assessed when viewing cues of the drug of choice.



Measures the degree to which situations in one's life are appraised as stressful.

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