Spotlight: Top Addiction Therapist Q2 2022 Awards

Mental health therapists work in the trenches to help clients wade through layers of difficult narrative to find a healthy path forward. Addiction therapists have the daunting task of helping guide patients to the underlying issues that are externalized through their substance use. Unfortunately, the critical work of addiction therapists is often overlooked or minimized due to the stigma that substance use disorders embody. Trac9 Informatics values science-based care and science-based interventions. Our customers are transforming patients’ lives and we want to acknowledge the hard work of some of the therapists who utilize Trac9. Each quarter, we will honor those therapists who help patients with the greatest overall growth.

Trac9 Informatics gave three awards for 2022 Quarter 2, Top Addiction Therapist in light of their outstanding contribution in the SUD field in overall patient improvement. These winners have moved the field forward with new ideas using current evidence-based data instead of a simple review of
previous findings.

  1. Erika Rose Unberhagen
    Windmill Wellness Ranch & The Guardian Initiative
  2. Adrianne Lawson
    Chris 180
  3. Kellie Nichelson
    Tara Treatment Center

Winners recount their experience using Trac9’s enhanced learning technology to develop and execute life changing plans with their patients. Utilizing Trac9, these therapists have the ability to triage each patient in real time and map out the best route of treatment needed for each individual. These winners shared with us a bit about themselves and what a difference it has made in theirtherapy sessions. And they were not shy about telling us about their success and the key elements that allowed this multi-professional team to receive such excellent feedback from Trac9’s software and how it consistently adapts to real life outcomes and to shift treatment plans at a second’s notice, based on the data they received.

Erika Rose Unberhagen of Windmill Wellness Ranch & The Guardian Initiative

Top Addiction Therapist Q3 2022
Ranked #1 Nationally in Overall Patient Improvement

What difference has Trac9 Informatics made in your day to day, before you start a session with a patient?

When I came to Windmill Wellness Ranch, I learned that there are so many intricacies to Trac9, in “ the things that it can reveal. Not only is it assisting my patients to see their progress, but it also gives me the ability to see where they may be struggling and what area they may need to put in a little bit more attention. Trac9 also helps to guide my practice, which of course benefits the patients in the end but if I have a patient that’s been focused on trauma, as an example, but they’re still showing that they’re experiencing cravings, that gives me some direction. For example, I know that I’m starting to help this individual work through their trauma, but I also want to take a look at all of the factors that are driving cravings, as it may not just be trauma. So, maybe, I need to take a step back with this and create that as a focus in our next session, so I gain a better understanding of the patient, so what Trac9 really does is it improves the results for the patients but it also improves and it informs clinical practice.

I’m really invested in Trac9, the results of what it provides for the patients and how it guides clinical practice. I love the fact that Dr. Dempsey is hands-on. How many people with companies like this are like “Ok, I’m going to be present, I’m going to be on zoom and we’re going to talk about these individual patients” You just don’t see that level of connection or input with most assessment tools. The fact that your team at Trac9 are available as you are is phenomenal, and it’s a testament to your dedication to the care and wellness of other people as well.

Adrianne Lawson of Chris 180

Top Addiction Therapist Q3 2022
Ranked #2 Nationally in Overall Patient Improvement

What challenges have you dealt with, if any, obtaining evidence-based information before using Trac9?

I would say one of the challenges I had was finding out information, like true information and how “ viable it is at that moment, especially when things are constantly changing. Trac9 gives me a weekly projection, number one, it is given to the patient every single week, because of that, it allows them a little bit of privacy. They can sit off to the corner with their tablet and put in what they need. They don’t have to be afraid of submitting paperwork or having anyone around them. Because it is weekly, it gives the opportunity for them to be a little bit more honest, allowing them to be themselves without the pressure of feeling like someone else can skew their words or feelings. I honestly feel like you truly know day-to-day with Trac9, the ups and downs. This allows our patients to know that next week, if and when they change how they feel, they have a chance to express that.

Kellie Nichelson of Tara Treatment Center

Top Addiction Therapist Q3 2022
Ranked #3 Nationally in Overall Patient Improvement

What advice would you have for someone who wanted to seek treatment but was hesitant or unsure if recovery is possible?

The first thing is that recovery is something that a lot of times unfortunately I think is portrayed in “ the negative. I think often when we talk about sobriety, we talk about being messed up and things like that. A lot of times we neglect talking about the success stories, that’s a really sad disservice that we do to our community. So as far as that goes I would say, don’t base your decision on going to treatment on the general consensus of the people around you because the reality is that the world, news outlets and society in general likes to unfortunately focus on the negative and the reality is that there are plenty of people who are living in recovery and living a really happy and healthy life. I see it every single day and the advice I would give is being open and being honest and knowing that even if every person around you doesn’t believe that you deserve it or that you can do it, the ONLY person who must believe for one millisecond that you can do it is yourself. If that can get you in the door, we can take over and take care of the rest until you can believe in yourself. Trac9 guides my clinical decision making and informs me how to triage my clients.

Selection Process

Winners were determined by calculating the average total patient improvement (Global Recovery Score) from week 1 to week 4 in treatment. Eligible therapists must have seen at least 10 patients during the quarter. Prior to calculating averages, all statistical outliers were removed (Winsorized at 3 Standard Deviations). As with all unbiased awards, the Trac9 awards are based on objective data, unbiased by personal relationships or professional affiliations. There is no application or fee to be considered for these awards. Trac9 never accepts sponsorships for any awards, spotlights or social media activity.

Questions or comments can be directed to media@trac9.com.

Trac9 Informatics was created by Dr. Jared P. Dempsey in collaboration Dr. Kitty S. Harris, NLW Partners, LLC